Thursday, November 6, 2014


I have a few plans for this blog whether anyone reads it or not. I hope one person does but then again there are many blogs out there.

Firstly, I plan to do several future posts on Attachment Theory, especially as it relates to evolutionary theory.

I'm also about to make a series of posts about emotion and emotion theory, as it is so poorly understood and repressed by western culture. There are abundant juicy links between emotion theory and evolution.

I'm also highly interested in the relaxation response and it's potential for physical-mental healing. If anyone out there knows more about how stretching and yoga in particular creates a state of muscle relaxation on a physiological level, let me know. Something about stretching those tight hamstrings makes me feel like I just took an opiate!

I will soon back my posts up with more research as I love sifting through articles and such but my main computer is down and my passwords to JSTOR and EBSCO are on it and I'm left using my chromebook. Google scholar is not help and pubmed tends towards physical medicine.

I posted amazon links at the bottom of my page for the top self-help material that I recommend and have used liberally in my life. I only recommend self-help material that is based off of real research and sound psychological theories and therapies. I have little patience for that "10 Steps to Complete Happiness" fluff.

I'm working on improving the layout of this site, but I'm not too savvy with web development, I'm a bit behind things with the standard level of computer knowledge so bear with me, I have friends and family helping me out!

Let me leave you with this great body of work until next time:

The Relaxation Response

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